The route to good health lies in improving and regulating the three key elements of the body – the vital energy, blood and fluid. Healing teas brewed from herbs and natural ingredients help promote he body’s constitution, prevent diseases and strengthens the body.

At Antidote traditional brewed teas and brews are served complimentary with your massage. The ancient art of massage is a purely natural way to relief the body and mind. Be treated to the healing language of touch. Re-balance your Yin & Yang today.


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My Story

” Learning massage was something unplanned. The initial intention was mostly to manage in the wellness and spa industry with my 13 years hospitality background. I enrolled in the course to acquire an ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage, so as to equip myself with a better understanding of what it takes to be in the shoes of a therapist. But as things unfolded, I hung up my suits and ties and my hands became the tools to a different trade altogether. Antidote thus came to be in 2004. Providing massage is physically demanding, and it took years to bring out the potential I never imagined I had in my hands. One develops a unique sense of touch – combining pacing , pressure and flow that is truly one’s own and yet being able to see to individual needs and comfort levels. There is more to massage than just kneading – coordination and maneuvering around and about the massage table with your hands never leaving the client took time to master. A massage with a seamless flow requires skill and beyond that it becomes an art.

Thru the years I have met many regular clients, many of whom i do consider my friends as well. Our modern day lifestyle moves so fast, it’s always nice to ease that pace and find that perfect balance. Massage helps soothe both the body and mind. It’s such a rewarding treat for me to sometimes receive a massage myself after providing so many. We all need a little pampering once in awhile and sometimes that need to combat those nasty knots too. If not, just to drift off for awhile… ”

Julius Boudville